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Advantages for Patients

Collaborative Care Means More Minds focused on your Health

There are many different types of family practices in Nova Scotia. Some family doctors work together in teams with other health professionals, some work in groups with other doctors, and some work individually. Nova Scotia Health, through an investment from government, has been supporting family doctors, nurse practitioners, and other health professionals to work together as a collaborative family practice team. 

Every Nova Scotian should have reliable primary health care for their family. Below are some of the reasons you can be confident — and excited — about collaborative care in your community.

Health professionals giving patients advice

It’s patient-centred

You and your health needs are the main concern for each of the professionals collaborating around you. The team always works to improve the quality and safety of the care they provide, and will ask for your feedback. As a patient, you’re a member of your health care team—and are supported to make better-informed health care decisions.

The model is proven

Collaborative care is a great idea, and it happens in all areas of health care. Collaborative family practice teams have already been proven successful in communities across Canada. And there are a lot of these teams here, too — there are more than 80 collaborative family practice teams across Nova Scotia. 

Your care is complete

In collaborative care, everyone’s skills are used to their fullest. You get the expert support of the health professionals on the team, each with their own area of expertise. The team provides a full range of health care, from basic wellness check-ups to managing complex conditions. Referrals and tests are arranged by the practice, and any follow-up care is coordinated by the team, including support to navigate the health care system.

You could be seen quickly and virtually

Collaborative family practice teams work to offer appointments at various times of the day and in ways that best meet the needs of their patients. Some practices have same-day and next-day appointments, for quick access to the team member who can best provide you with the right care. Many teams now offer virtual care — where you can have an appointment by phone or video.

It’s consistent and dependable

With collaborative care, you’ll see the same team of health providers throughout your life, building a medical history and a trusting relationship over time. Team members use an electronic health record to coordinate your care so you don’t have to repeat your conditions and symptoms at every appointment.

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